I have found in my counseling work that there is always an emotional component to injury and illness.  Unresolved traumas show up in our bodies all the time.  Old belief systems are buried in our muscles and membranes.  If you are struggling from any chronic pain, or if you have experienced multiple or devastating injuries in your life, chances are you need to tend to something on the emotional level in order to find full relief on the physical level.  By reexamining our bodies from an emotional perspective we begin to hear our pain differently and we can better understand what other changes we may need to make to become healthy.

I work with a variety of facets of illness and injuries including, but not limited to the following:

Autoimmune disorders
Sports Injuries
Heart Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases




“When I first came to see Katie in 2010, I was in one of the darkest times of my life and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to continue to navigate life, but I knew I had to find a way and Katie has played an important role in making that possible. I thought I had received all the therapy I needed in my life at that time, but nothing smacks you in the face like Chronic illness. I had received diagnoses prior to seeing Katie that seemingly made life almost come to a hault. I had a lovely combination of depression and anxiety. Stress is not helpful in regaining your health when you have Chronic illness. It was time to reevaluate life as I knew it. I felt as if I was a prisoner in my own body. Little did I know the emotional pain I would relive, but the strength I would gain from examining how to take steps in this new world that is forever mine would be empowering. I cannot imagine having done this emotional work with anyone other than Katie. She provides a safe place to explore the possibilities of new ways of living. She has been invaluable in helping me to discover how to effectively utilize new tools to navigate and draw boundaries so that I can be a highly functioning human being in a world that understands very little about chronic illness. I’m much stronger and better off today than I was in 2010, but I’m still on my journey and so grateful for Katie’s continued guidance in helping me to navigate the bumps in the road. It is invaluable to have this type of support with Chronic illness.” – “MB”


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