There are many transitions we go through in our lives. Graduating from school, changing jobs or careers, going through a divorce.  Even if the transition is for the best, it can often create tremendous stress.   The biggest growth happens in times of change, but it is also the most difficult.   By creating room to explore the transition, and identifying the stressors that are caused by the transiton, you can better move through it.  This is where I find that counseling can be a practical guiding force in one’s life.  I help my clients identify and utilize their inner strengths to learn to trust their own internal navigation system.  We are often more wise then we chose to believe.  By creating a better connection with one’s intuition, acknowledging personal skills and gifts, taking calculated risks and learning from past mistakes, each transition gets a little easier.  Together we can explore the options you have to take the next step in your life.  This is an honoring experience as a therapist because I get to witness you as you take ownership of your future.