What is Guided Meditation?

  • a form of focused relaxation that creates harmony with the mind and body
  • essentially, with eyes close, you focus on an image and engage all the senses into the image
  • this engagement allows the mind and body to relax and creates peace and empowerment
  • a non-religious form of meditation

Benefits of Guided Meditation

• Reduce stress.

• Increase mental concentration, clarity, and awareness.

• Enhance productivity, effectiveness, and communication.

• Navigate tense situations with less stress.

• Expand work/life/family balancing skills.

• Improve overall health and well-being

• Create an internal healing envoirnemt to help recover from injuries and illness.

• Improve the ability to manifest what you desire in your life

• Expand work/life/family balancing skills.

• Relieve physical pain and anxiety


Who can benefit from Guided Meditation

  • Anyone with heightened stress in their lives
  • work places looking to create more cohesiveness with employees
  • athletes preparing for big competitions
  • men and women recovering from major injuries and illness
  • work places wanting to help employees stay more focused and productive
  • anyone trying to resolve past traumas or grief
  • someone with reoccurring nightmares


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