Anxiety is a beast in and of itself sometimes.  We live in a very anxious culture, always on the move, always go, go, go.  But that mentality is not serving our bodies. If you feel like you can’t relax, that your body physically won’t help you settle, then its time to make some changes.  There may be some areas of your life that need restructuring, you may need some new tools to cope with the anxiety, or you may need to look beneath the anxiety and see what is there.  Anxiety is trying to get our attention, to say “something is not working.”  We will look at all aspects of your life to find out what needs to change, it may be your diet, your relationship, your work situation.  Whatever the case may be I will help you uncover the power you have to take care of yourself differently to feel more grounded, centered and less controlled by the anxiety.

Depression can feel like a big heavy blanket that weighs us down.  Sometimes depression happens after a significant loss or transition.  Other times, we don’t know why we are depressed, its just always been there.  Learning the difference between situational depression, or long term clinical depression is important.  I’ve found depression can be a great teacher.  For certain situations, such as feeling depressed after the loss of a loved one, I look at depression as composting.  Sometimes life cannot continue the same way anymore, and the only way to create a new life, is to slow down as the old life breaks down and regrows into something else.  Other times, if depression has been prevalent for years, we need to understand how our brain works and what we can do to create different default behaviors.  Regardless of the reasoning behind depression, I can help you understand how to cope with it better, how to create movement, and how to take care of yourself so the depression doesn’t consume every part of your life anymore.

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