Katie developed this program after many years of working with individuals with chronic illness: click here to learn more about her expertise in this area.


What is Aim?  AIM (Auto Immune Mastery) is a program designed to help men and women recover from Auto Immune Disease.  Katie Mason teamed up with members of the Healing Village Collective  and created a unique integrative health program to treat autoimmune illness once and for all.


AIM is based on a 3 part holistic model of wellness that includes:

1)   Physical health

2)   Emotional/mental health

3)   Spiritual health

Most people are “healthier” in one area and not the other two.


  • Auto Immune disease takes a toll on the body, so it is necessary to support the physical system

  • This program includes work with a naturopath, massage therapist, nutritionist, acupuncturist


  • Psychotherapy improves mental calmness, control and functioning and releases traumas and grief that is stored in the body

  • Stress in any form (in this case emotional stress, caused by loss, relationship struggles, trauma, abuse etc) increases inflammation in the body, adds to fatigue, increases the experience of pain and isolation

  • We can carry traumas and stress in our bodies

  • That stress creates inflammation and can contribute to illness

  • Not uncommon for someone who has physical ailments to have emotional roots in that ailment

  • Unresolved grief can get stored in the body, by addressing the grief, releasing it (through tears, journaling, talking, or other modalities) the individual releases energy in their body which decreases stress on the body and ultimately decreases inflammation….this helps the body heal physically.

  • Chronic stress is associated with long term Auto Immune Illness, and affects the physical as well as the psychological status of the patient

For example,

  • Research at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that PTSD and chronic stress played a strong role in the development of Fibromyalgia in patients.

Another example:

  • According to the Alliance for Lupus Research (lupusresearch.org) studies have shown that cognitive behavioral treatments (one form of psychotherapy) can significantly reduce physical symptoms of Lupus, not to mention emotional stress.

  • Patients who completed 10 weeks of therapy were found to have a significant reduction in depression, anxiety, and daily stress as well as significant improvement in QOL and somatic symptoms compared to patients who did not participate in therapy.

Also – happiness can increase immune function 


  • We define spiritual as “having a connection to something bigger then ourselves…”

  • Looking for larger meaning and understanding in our day to day struggles, reduces stress and loneliness

  •  Feeling a sense of connection and purpose helps and individual cope with the lifestyle changes often necessary with autoimmune illness

Creating a spiritual practice or relationship to spirituality

  • Reduces isolation

  • Creates meaning

  • Reduces depression

  • Reduces stress

  • Creates purpose

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