My journey to become a psychotherapist has been many years in the making.  Since I was a child I’ve wanted to make the world a better place and was on a constant search to learn what created change in the world. After the death of my Mother, I had a very intense lucid dream. In that dream I was able to hug her and say goodbye, something I could not do in waking life.  That experience was pivotal for me.  I began to explore my own grief and healing process and search for meaning in life’s hardest experiences.  Through my own counseling, dream exploration, nature connection and creativity, I have been committed to growth ever since.  I’m now grateful for the intensity and struggle in my life,  they are my teachers to uncover purpose, meaning and clarity, so I can live with intention and direction.  I don’t take life for granted and I aim to live fully in every experience.

Professionally I have worked in mental health for over 12 years, with children, adolecents and adults.  My experience covers a wide range,  and my expertise includes anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life tranisitions, sprititual emergencies, chronic illness, and trauma.

My background includes policy work, agency and community organizing, many forms of large scale change, but I’ve also found solace in individual change.  My passion, is in helping the world to become a better place, one person, one group, or one organization at a time.

After finishing my Masters in Counseling I set out to create a counseling practice to help others maximize their potential.  My goal is to provide an environment where people can come and explore what is really meaningful in life, by first shifting what is no longer working, and then taking risks to try new experiences.  I’m a seeker of adventure and I see therapy as the first steps to living an adventurous life, learning to make our own rules and not let our past hold us back from anything.

I love to travel, and I enjoy hiking, yoga, dinner with friends, music and dance.  I am always balancing depth, self-exploration and intensity with spontaneity and fun. I pursued a post masters certificate in Transformative Counseling to study Jungian psychology and dream exploration.


Any questions about me?  Just ask!


B.A. Sociology, Graduated wit honors, Magna Cum Laude, University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A. Counseling, Graduated with honors, Regis University
Post Masters Certificate in Transformative Counseling, Regis University

License, Certifications & Awards
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

Additional Training
CERT (Community Emergency Response Training)
I have completed two introductory trainings in Shamanic Journeying and have worked closely with a Shamanic Practitioner for many years,

January 2013-December 2013: The Sacred Call of the Healer: A year long Shamanic training with Julie Kramer.

Professional Activities and Memberships
American Counseling Association
Colorado Counseling Association