Creating Flow – get happier, become more productive and creative!

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What is flow?  According to best selling author, Steven Kotler, its an optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and preform your best.  Its also a quantifiable state of consciousness that we can measure, by studying brain chemistry. Its a state of being, where you lose track of time, your conscious mind isn’t thinking about anything.  Its common with professional athletes and really creative artists etc, but is accessible to anyone.  A 10 year long McKinsey Quarterly study came out of top executives and found they were 5 times more productive in a flow state.  That literally means, according to Kotler, that if you could figure out how to get in a flow state, you come to work on Monday, and take the rest of the work week off, and be just as productive as  if you were there for 5 days.  Flow states not only make us more productive, but happier.

In the documentary Happy, researchers study what makes people happy all over the world (which, by the way, the United States is one of the least happy nations on the planet)  getting into a flow state is one of the biggest findings of the film.

So basically – we need more flow yo!  Check it out!!   Flow Genome Project

Because what happens when we are in flow, is we are more creative, productive and happier in all areas in our life.  So we have to figure out what creates our flow and do more of that and it will help us in the office on Monday morning.

Learn what your flow profile is and then start imagining how you can get in flow more.  For those grown ups out there who struggle to play, because there is more work to do, remember CREATING FLOW WILL HELP YOU BE MORE PRODUCTIVE.  Not to mention, happy!  

Become more educated on FLOW, theres a lot to the science of it, buts its pretty simple, keep finding things that get you out of your head so you aren’t thinking and do more of them.   

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